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Write, cook, meditate, 8th - 15th of June 2024
Cas Concos in Mallorca from 2.850,-€*
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Los Almendros, the Finca

The beautiful stone Finca “Son Almendros” is situated in the province of Felanitx, and the sweet little village of Cas Concos de Cavaller, an ancient town of 400 inhabitants. Within 15-30 Minutes drive, you will reach hotspots such as Santanyi, Cala d’Or, Campos and Manacor.

Felanitx is located in the picturesque, hilly nature of the stunning southeast of Mallorca. The town is blessed with the second largest wine region, which is displayed on the image of all town entrances. In the old town, you can find the famous market, that invites you not only to discover the many winding streets that let you experience the village with all its charm of past times but also allows you to tour the idyllic market hall. The small, local restaurants in this part of Mallorca make you feel as though time had stood still.

Cas Concos, a small town with the ultimate flair, previously known for its bohemian free-spirited citizens, has a historical, medieval feel to it. Abounding in small shops, charming local bars and cozy restaurants you will acquaint yourself with the authentic Spanish lifestyle in the peaceful, quiet and wholesome environment which Cas Concos has to offer.

At a not too far distance, you can practice watersports, sailing and yachting. Beaches on the east coast of Mallorca are notoriously beautiful. You will find both sand beaches and cliff bays at your disposal. The nearest beach resorts consist of Porto Colom, Calla D’or and the hidden gem, a little cove called ”Cala Sa Nau “, boasting fine white sand and crystal-clear water. Every Saturday, the town Santanyi hosts a large farmers market offering a range of local produce and craftsmanship.

The nearest golf course is the 18-hole green of Val D’or which you reach by a 20- min drive through well-developed roads passing the exquisite mountain regions of Mallorca. The airport is a mere


Kundalini Yoga

Breath, Intention and Movement = Transformation

Kundalini Yoga is often referred to as an ancient practice that involves a combination of physical postures, breath control, chanting, and meditation to awaken the dormant spiritual energy at the base of the spine, known as Kundalini. It is considered a comprehensive system for personal transformation and spiritual development.

Kundalini Yoga is known for its holistic approach to well-being, and it's believed to have an impact on the nervous system. Practices such as specific breathing techniques (pranayama), dynamic movements (asanas), and meditation are thought to influence the nervous system, promoting relaxation, balance, and heightened awareness.

Sail & Sound

On a sailing boat off the coast of mallorca

Early morning sailing to witness the sunrise over the water.

Breakfast with a focus on mindfulness and gratitude.

Final moments of sailing, embracing the tranquility.

Closing ceremony: Reflection, gratitude, and sharing experiences.

Return to the harbor or marina.

Throughout the experience, the combination of sailing and immersive sound activities aims to create a sense of harmony, connecting participants with the natural elements and promoting relaxation. The itinerary balances adventure, mindfulness, and cultural exploration for a memorable "Sail and Sound" retreat.

Katrin der Gong und Lavazza June 28th 2022 -111.jpg
Hiking and writing afterwards

This itinerary combines physical activity, cultural exploration, and creative expression, offering participants a well-rounded and transformative experience. The outdoor adventures provide a sense of achievement, while the monastery visit adds a cultural and spiritual dimension. The creative writing and recipe creation sessions allow for personal expression and connection with the journey's experiences.

Writing workshop

create your own meditation tool

Join us for a week of meditating and sound healing along with writing.


At this retreat you’ll be immersed in all Majorca has to offer and learn how to write about food and your experiences. Writing instruction will be in a relaxed environment with Carli and will be complemented by meditation and sound retreat practices led by Katrin. You’ll be fully immersed in a week of food and wine experiences complimented by mediation and sound healing. 


Writing, cooking, meditating with Carli & Katrin

Retreat in Son Almendros, Mallorca: Writing, Cooking, and Meditation

Are you looking for a relaxing retreat? Join us for a transformative experience in the beautiful setting of Son Almendros in Mallorca. Our retreat will offer an array of enriching activities such as writing, cooking, and meditation.

During the retreat, we encourage the incorporation of mindfulness practices, personal reflection time, and moments of connection between participants. In this luxurious environment, these elements will provide an exceptional opportunity for rejuvenation and personal growth.

Mindfulness practices can help participants stay present in the moment and reduce stress levels. Personal reflection time promotes self-awareness and introspection, paving the way for deeper understanding. Moments of connection between participants can create a sense of community and support, which is especially valuable in a retreat setting. Ultimately, a well-designed retreat with these components promises a unique and unforgettable experience that leaves participants feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Meet the hosts

Katrin Delorme

Katrin Delorme is a certified kundalini, vinyasa, yin and naad yoga teacher. Based in Hamburg, Germany and Mallorca, Spain.

She experienced the profound impact of kundalini and sound yoga during some of life's most difficult moments. The loss of her beloved husband Laurent to a brain tumor in 2019 brought her to a place of immense challenge and heartache. In those moments of vulnerability and sorrow, Kundalini yoga became her rock, offering her with strength, solace, and a path to healing.

In addition to Kundalini yoga, she incorporates the use of gongs and other healing instruments into her sessions. These instruments create a harmonious symphony that resonates with your body, mind, and spirit, facilitating an even deeper level of healing. The vibrations from these instruments have the remarkable ability to unlock emotional blockages and promote a sense of balance and well-being. 

Motivated by her own journey of growth and healing, she is on a mission to share this profound transformation with others. For women who are navigating the complexities of loss or divorce from a partner, she offers a unique approach that combines the wisdom of Kundalini yoga with the healing resonance of instruments.

Remember, you are not alone, and healing is within your reach.

Carli Ratcliff

Carli is an award-winning food writer and alumni of Le Cordon Bleu. Carli has long taught recipe writing for Le Cordon Bleu and food writing for the Australian Writers’ Centre, and has written recipes and feature articles for magazines and newspapers including Vogue Living, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, Monocle (UK), The South China Morning Post and BBC Good Food magazine. Carli has created and produced print, digital, television and video content for brands and organisations including: Miele, Tourism Australia, Singapore Tourism Bureau, Atout France, Visit Sweden, Qantas Airways, Cheese Slices (TV Series), Emirates and China Eastern Airlines.

Carli loves to collect recipes in her travels. She is passionate about food heritage and food culture especially the importance of collecting, preserving and passing on recipes and cooking skills from one generation to the next. Carli began leading food writing retreats a decade ago across Vietnam and Sweden, her next retreat will be presented with yoga teacher and sound healer Katrin Delorme in Italy in 2024.


Your Sample Itinerary

*Our hourly daily schedule and exact itinerary will be shared with all participants during the orientation and welcome circle. We observe silence from wake-up time until the end of Sunrise Practice.

Arrival Day , Saturday, 8th of June

Orientation,  Welcome Dinner - Opening Circle with Yoga, Breathwork and Sound Healing.

Day 1, Sunday, 9th of June

Morning Yoga Session- Free Time- 

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 2, Monday, 10th of June

Morning Yoga Session with sound

Hiking to a monastery and Cooking class

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 3, Tuesday, 11st of June

Morning Yoga Session-

Market visit

Wine tasting

Dinner and Sound Bath

Day 4, Wednesday, 12nd of June

Sail and SoundOn a sailing boat off the coast of mallorca 

Dinner and Evening Session- Meditation and Breath Work

Day 5, Thursday, 13rd of June

Morning Yoga Session- Free Time 

Writing Workshop

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 6, Friday, 14th of June

Yoga at the beach 

Farewell Dinner, Gong and Soup with Sound bath

Day 7, Saturday, 15th of June

Check-out after breakfast

Transfer to airport for final departure

Your Writing, cooking, meditating retreat Includes

We will cover everything you need during your stay to feel like a queen

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  • Luxury Accommodations

  • 7 Nights at  a private stunning eco-inspired luxury estate.

  • Daliy Brunch and Dinner

  • Transportation to and from the airport.

  • All excursions 

    • Sail and sound excursion

    • Hiking to a monastry

    • Wine tasting

    • Cooking class with a chef

    • One Dinner in a restaurant


  • 2 daily yoga sessions- Yoga Asana & Kundalini- Meditation

Breath Work- 

Sound Bath-

Talk/Workshop-Intention Setting

Group Excersises- and Sharing- Journaling, plus MORE!

  • Very Special Farewell Dinner

Shared Room, 2,995.-- €, Early Bird 2,850.-- €

(Early Bird until 1st of March)

Single Room, needs to be requested.


Airfare, alcoholic drinks.

Travel insurance highly recommended!

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