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Blissful Yoga Retreat in

19th of October - 26th of October 2024

from 2,850.-- USD
Early Bird 2,565.-- USD

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Pamper yourself

Join an intimate group of yogis, travelers, seekers and unique people from all over the world on an epic adventure combining yoga, kundalini, sound healing, breath work, surfing, yoga nidra, and so much more…

6-day healing retreat to reclaim your power and wisdom through yoga, sound healing, somatic breath work, and inner processing to reset the nervous system and live your life to the fullest.

It is located at a stunning Eco-inspired luxury estate hidden away in Bukit Peninsula's hills, clifftops, and white sand beaches in the southern tip of Bali. This unique Eco-lodge is a famous surf spot, and it features traditional Javanese Joglo houses crafted out of recycled teak wood.

Did I say, best food ever?! Local Organic Cuisine


The Villas

All around the pool, at a good distance of each other, 6 DOUBLE BEDROOMS BUNGALOWS with an en-suite bathroom will promise you restorative nights sleep or naps. Each bedroom has two single beds that can easily be joined depending on your needs.

12 bedrooms for max 24 people occupancy (shared rooms)

All single beds can be easily joined with no gap into a comfortable king size bed

Spend The Day In Ubud

Shopping, hip restaurants, and end the day in the lush green tropical jungles terraced rice fields.

Not only will you visit one of the most sacred spots in the world but the culture and style are larger than life, exciting your inner fire. Famous for handicrafts and art market, Hindu temples and shrines, and the legendary monkey forest.

Green terraced rice field. Beautiful nature landscape background with blue sky. Ubud. Bali

Sacred Sunset and Fire Dance Ceremony

Uluwatu Temple is magnificient

and awe-inspiring Hindi sea temple, constructed in the 11th century, this remarkable edifice stand atop a steep and precipitous cliff that soars approximately 70 meters above the cerulean waters of the breath taking vistas of the surrounding coastline of Indian Ocean.

Mala Making workshop

Create your own meditation tool

At the end of the workshop you will not only have your own unique Mala, but also know the meaning of a Mala, where it comes from, how to choose gemstone beads and a mantra for your practice and how to meditate with your Mala. We will provide you with the beads, there are several pendants to choose from, so that each Mala will look different and everyone can end up with a unique piece around their neck or in their hand and we will meditate together.


YOGA AND HEALING With Carrie And Katrin

Yoga is the key and gateway to start the inner journey. Breath  and sound are the locks that dismantle old patterns and beliefs that hold us back from living a life on purpose that you love.


Through yoga, breath, sound and inner processing tools and excersises you will unlock you full potential in all areas of your life. Join us on this journey to wholeness.

Meet the hosts

Your Sample Itinerary

*Our hourly daily schedule and exact itinerary will be shared with all participants during the orientation and welcome circle. We observe silence from wake-up time until the end of Sunrise Practice.

Arrival Day , Saturday, 19th of October

Orientation,  Welcome Dinner - Opening Circle with Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing.

Day 1, Sunday, 20th of October

Morning Yoga Session- Free Time- 

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 2, Monday, 21st of October

Morning Yoga Session- Free Time

Uluwatu Temple and  Sacred Fire Dance Show with Sunset

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 3, Tuesday, 22nd of October

Morning Yoga Session- Free Day -Option Surf Lesson

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 4, Wednesday, 23nd of October

Early Departure to UBUD - Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Dinner and Evening Session- Meditation and Breath Work

Day 5, Thursday, 24th of October

Morning Yoga Session- Free Time 

Mala Making Workshop

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 6, Friday, 25th of October

Free Day Massage or Surf 

Dinner and Evening Session

Day 7, Saturday, 26th of October

Check-out after breakfast

Transfer to airport for final departure

Katrin Delorme

Katrin Delorme is a certified kundalini, vinyasa, yin and naad yoga teacher. Based in Hamburg, Germany and Mallorca, Spain.

She experienced the profound impact of kundalini and sound yoga during some of life's most difficult moments. The loss of her beloved husband Laurent to a brain tumor in 2019 brought her to a place of immense challenge and heartache. In those moments of vulnerability and sorrow, Kundalini yoga became her rock, offering her with strength, solace, and a path to healing.

In addition to Kundalini yoga, she incorporates the use of gongs and other healing instruments into her sessions. These instruments create a harmonious symphony that resonates with your body, mind, and spirit, facilitating an even deeper level of healing. The vibrations from these instruments have the remarkable ability to unlock emotional blockages and promote a sense of balance and well-being. 

Motivated by her own journey of growth and healing, she is on a mission to share this profound transformation with others. For women who are navigating the complexities of loss or divorce from a partner, she offers a unique approach that combines the wisdom of Kundalini yoga with the healing resonance of instruments.

Remember, you are not alone, and healing is within your reach.

Carrie Costello

Carrie is a yoga, breathwork, and meditation teacher. Carrie is a Certified Relationship and Health Coach based in Santa Monica, California. She is also a reiki, yoga nidra, and women’s healing and embodiment guide. Her integrative approach incorporates teachings and practices from Yoga, Psychology, Coaching, and Somatic Breathwork.

Having healed herself from several severe trauma, she suffered a significant head injury that changed the trajectory of her life; it was a huge wake-up call, compounded with grief, divorce, and overall tremendous loss. She believed she needed to go deeper into her practice and continued to study to develop more skills to heal herself and her clients. She is passionate about helping women heal from trauma and broken relationships; Carrie’s coaching approach is to guide her clients to remove roadblocks to elevate and transform themselves so they can live their dreams by getting clarity, building confidence, and generating more empowerment, abundance, and magic in their lives. Carrie is excited to work with you on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and healing!

Your Blissful Bali Yoga Retreat Includes

We will cover everything you need during your stay to feel like a queen

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  • Luxury Accommodations

  • 6 Nights at  a private stunning eco-inspired luxury estate.

  • Daliy Brunch and Dinner

  • Transportation to and from the airport.

  • All excursions and temple ticket.

    • Uluwatu Temple & Fire Dance Show

    • Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

    • Ubud Day Trip

    • Mala Making Workshop

    • Nyang-Nyang Beach


  • 2 daily yoga sessions- Yoga Asana & Kundalini- Meditation

Breath Work- Yoga Nidra

Sound Bath-

Talk/Workshop-Intention Setting

Group Excersises- and Sharing- Journaling, plus MORE!

  • Very Special Farewell Dinner

Shared Room, 2,850.-- USD, Early Bird 2,565.-- USD

2,650.-- EURO, Early Bird 2,385.-- EURO

(Early Bird until 1st of November)

Single Room, 3,650.-- USD, Early Bird 3,285.-- USD

3,400.-- EURO, Early Bird 3,060.-- EURO

(Early Bird until 31st of December)


Airfare, lunch, alcoholic drinks.

Travel insurance highly recommended!

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