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Kundalini Global Yoga

As a Kundalini Global Yoga teacher I understand that people come to yoga because they want to experience themselves differently. Using the best and most exquisite practices of the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, we work with the nervous system to create a sense of balance within the self, and empower the journey forward in the quantum fields of right here, right now.


Naad Sound Yoga

MUSIC AND SOUND have always fascinated me. When I visited a sound bath in Dubai in 2015, it enchanted me. I felt so incredibly good that I didn't want to miss another sound experience.In 2021, after completing my Kundalini Global Yoga training, I decided to join another teacher training called Naad Yoga ( Sound Yoga) with Leo Cosendai. Since then I practice different sound instruments and offer weekly sound journeys in my yoga room followed by a soup tasting. Hence the name "Gong & Soup". If it makes you curious, just sign up for a sound event and let me surprise you. 

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Women Circles

A journey for women who wants to feel whole, worthy & empowered from within

This is a course designed to offer a safe space for you to anchor deeply into self, stabilize your emotions, cultivate courage & resilience, and receive support through sisterhood. In this series you will gain clarity on limitations, needs, & deepest desires, discover & reclaim your inner truth, and rise as an embodied & empowered woman in a transforming world. We will utilize this time together to get clear on the parts of us that need tenderness and compassion, to complete patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that are holding us back, learn to befriend our shadows, and step fully into the world as an empowered and awakened woman. Allow yourself to receive the support that is needed to navigate the stress and heaviness of our time. Give yourself what you need to not only survive but also to thrive through the challenges we are facing together today. You will learn sacred practices that are practical and adapted to fit into your busy lifestyle. This series is for women who are ready for real transformation; whether it is just a simple healthy lifestyle shift, deeping into yourself and your healing, or a major life change such as career, relationship, move, etc. This course is open to all those who identify as a woman.

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