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Roadtrip Hamburg Ibiza 2023

In just two weeks, I'll be embarking on another adventure: a trip to Ibiza in my beloved Renault 4. Two years ago, I already took a similar trip with my bosom friend Andrea, but this time I'll be tackling the journey all by myself. The anticipation is huge! Respect is nevertheless enormous!

While I explore the roads with my "friend" Renault 4, I will try to capture every moment of this tour here, on this blog and of course on Instagram. Whether breathtaking landscapes, interesting places or my personal thoughts - I want to take you all with me. Even if you can't be next to me in the car, you will still be there this way - in my heart and on your phones.

Your support and companionship mean an incredible amount to me. It is an exciting challenge that I will have to face alone, but I am sure that I will bring home many exciting stories and experiences.

I am looking forward to it!

Best regards, your Kati


My Checklist

I have to make sure my Renault 4 is in good condition and carry out any repairs or maintenance before my trip.

Thanks god, the car broke down last week with smoke and strange noises and the adac (recovery service ) towed my car away.

The cause was a lack of coolant. Please don't think 'typical woman' now ....

I have to think about the necessary documents such as insurance, driving licence, etc.

As I am travelling on my own, efficient packing is important.

Even if it's an exciting trip, safety should be always in my mind.

Traffic rules and possible challenges on the road should be researched.

In the same time I should stay spontaneous, while some planning is important, also be open to spontaneous experiences and changes to my itinerary.

It's often the unexpected moments that make the journey special!


My expected route

Start of my journey

Hamburg Altona, with the motorail train overnight to Lörrach. This saves me about 1000 km of exhausting driving on German motorways and I arrive relaxed in Switzerland the next morning.


Here are a few photos from 2021, it was that beautiful!


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