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Omega 3, why it's so important for us!

Today we eat highly processed food. Especially our kids!

Low in nutrients, high in sugar, full of empty calories,

Low in fiber and with an imbalance between the essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, which the body cannot produce itself and must therefore absorb from food.

Caused by the imbalance of omega 6 : omega 3:

Our cell membranes harden so that good nutrients can no longer reach the cell nucleus and used substances have difficulty leaving the cells.

The consequences are immense! The price our body has to pay for this is immense! Many people don't even realize that we are exposed to chronic inflammation. We tend to push it to one side or into our subconscious. You don't even know how and where to start!

Would you like to take the test and find out your values? Scientifically sound, easy at home, independently managed analyses, anonymous results, dry blood tests.

And start taking Zinzino.

Zinzino has developed a BalanceOil* which is not fish oil. It can do so much more! A synergistic formula with:

60 % pure, high-quality fish oil from small fish caught sustainably in the wild, 40 %

early-harvested, high-quality extra virgin olive oil

Everything revolves around polyphenols - a game changer in the omega-3 sector.

Fresh, not fishy

Packed with antioxidants that keep the fish oil fresh and effective.

Prevent the oil from oxidizing (going rancid), Increase absorption by the body, Stay fresh and effective in your cells, Protect the body from oxidative stress.

if you are interested in doing something good for your body today. To bring it into a balance where the cells can breathe again and work properly holistically, write me a message and I will help you to put together the nutritional supplements you need, based on Omega 3 oils.

*please !

It's important to remember that nutritional supplementation should be done thoughtfully and with professional guidance, as taking excessive or unnecessary supplements can have adverse effects on health. The right approach to achieving better health and balance is through a well-rounded diet that includes a variety of nutrients, in addition to regular physical activity and other lifestyle factors.

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